The Josephine Butler Society

What We Do

The Josephine Butler Society U.K. stands for Social Justice and Equality of all citizens before the law.


The Josephine Butler Society is a pressure group not a rescue organisation. It wishes to prevent the exploitation of prostitutes and marginalisation of those who can be forced into this activity by poverty and abuse, and it believes these problems should be addressed by changes in the law. It believes that more should be done to prevent young people from drifting into prostitution, to help those who wish to leave it, and to rehabilitate its victims, and supports the recommendation of the Beijing Global Plan of Action in this respect.


Our present work takes two main forms


  • To make representation to various departments of our Government on prostitution and related issues and


  • To liaise and network with other agencies both statutory and voluntary, In pursuit of this the Josephine Butler Society has arranged seminars for those involved in these matters, and for those wanting to learn more, the committee meets in London on a regular basis.


  • We do not accept that prostitution is a woman’s problem. It is the concern of the whole of society, and all citizens should be aware of the truth of the situation, and of its international ramifications.


The Josephine Butler Society archive is held at The Women’s Library.  The Women's Library is now open at:  

The London School of Economics,

The Library,

10 Portugal Street,



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