The Josephine Butler Society

Suggested Reading

Books for suggested reading about Josephine Elizabeth Butler,  nee Grey.


1. Josephine Butler by Jane Jordan, John Murray, 2001


2. Patron Saint of Prostitutes Josephine Butler and a Victorian Scandal     by Helen Mathers, 2014


3. A Singular Iniquity by Glen Petrie, 1971


4. Personal Reminiscences of a Great Crusade. C1867 by Jos. E. Butler


5. 'Josephine Butler', the Forgotten Saint by Joseph Williamson, 1977


6. 'Josephine Butler' edited by George W. and Lucy A. Johnson


7.  'Josephine Butler' a Guide to her Life Faith and Social Action by Rod Garner  2009


Various of Josephine's pamphlets are now in print and well worth finding and reading  for example:


'Social Purity' by JEB first published 1879 by JEB,1874

'Some Thoughts on the Present Aspect of the Crusade against the State Regulation of Vice'. by JEB, 1874

'Truth Before Everything'  by JEB, 1897



Other books recommended:


1 A Victorian Feminist Christian by Lisa Severine Nolland (2004)


2 Prostitution, Women and Misuse of the Law – the fallen daughters of Eve: Helen J. Self (2003)


3 Female Lives, Moral States by Anne Summers (2000)


4 The Natashas by Victor Malarek